Top Tips for a Stronger Company Culture in 2024

As we approach the end of 2023 and head in to 2024, it's often a good time to take stock across a range of different factors.

One of those factors is your organisation's culture.


Organisational culture changes over time - new employees starting and existing ones leaving can have a significant impact on the overall office environment and culture.

Furthermore, with the increase in home and hybrid working over recent years following the pandemic, fostering a culture that every employee feels a part of becomes more challenging. 

In our experience, the top 5 things to consider in order to create a strong organisational culture are as follows:

  1. Screenshot 2023-12-01 120308Prioritising Transparency - making sure you have open and honest communication from the top down. Providing clear and regular updates on the business strategy, performance and key project deliverables.  
  2. Sharing Successes - and challenges! It's vital to shout out successes to help keep employees motivated, as well as highlighting key challenges that need to be overcome. This provides a feeling of shared accountability for delivering success.
  3. Rewarding Excellence - recognising and rewarding team and individual excellence goes a long way towards fostering a positive organisational culture and is important to help retain top talent.
  4. Embracing Flexibility - plans continually change as the world around us does too. Customers, competitors and the economic outlook are just 3 major influences on every organisation that will impact projects and plans. So it's key to have an ability to be flexible in order to update and amend activities to ensure continued success and growth.
  5. Encouraging Autonomy - empowering individuals is a proven way to keep them motivated and helps deliver a greater sense of achievement. In turn, this will result in increased employee retention and loyalty, ultimately leading to a positive organisational culture.


Organisational culture is a crucial component of a positive working environment which will both attract and retain top talent. Ultimately, employees will embody an organisation's culture, so new joiners and conversely, leavers, can have a significant impact on this. 

The end of a calendar year can often be a great opportunity to review your culture over the previous 12 months and identify if anything major has changed - for better or worse - enabling any actions to improve the culture where necessary. 


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